What the SCOTUS Healthcare decision means for Indiana

Posted on July 3, 2012


There has been some recent political ground made on the Affordable Care Act, namely the Supreme Court’s decision that the individual mandate was constitutional but that the Medicaid expansion was not.

Governor Mitch Daniels has his own thoughts on whether these recent assertions and resultant changes for health care and the ACA will be beneficial to Indiana.

This is important because any decision to expand Medicaid in 2014 will be entirely up to the next General Assembly and governor, whose ideas may be shaped in part by Daniels’ ideology.

He believes implementing healthcare legislation here would lead to a huge increase for health insurance rates, mainly for young people.

“The Court’s ruling that the federal government has the constitutional power to do what it has done must be respected,” Daniels said. “But many actions that are constitutional are still unwise.”

Besides the potential for health insurance cost increases, the state of Indiana will have other issues to consider in the coming months,.

Some of those issues include the legislature deciding if the state will operate a health insurance exchange and leave its operation to the federal government or form a federal-state partnership.

Operation of a state-based exchange could cost up to $50-$65 million in the first several years of operation.

According to the state statistics, a Medicaid expansion would put 1 in 4 Hoosiers in Medicaid at the cost of two billion dollars or more over the next 10 years.

For more information on Indiana and ACA  (Affordable Care Act)  visit: http://www.in.gov/aca

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