Indianapolis city councilor faces charges of disorderly conduct

Posted on June 11, 2012



One Indianapolis Councilor is showing that being a politician doesn’t mean you make the best decisions when law enforcement is involved.

Councilor Joseph Simpson was arrested Sunday after police say he intervened with a burglary operation and resisted officers.

The story being reported is that Simpson approached a police investigation on a possible burglary in process.

Simpson then approached the officers asking for details of the investigation and claiming that he knew the
residents of the household.

Officers say when they asked Simpson to step-aside, Simpson became confrontational and told them
he was a city-county councilor. He then yelled at the officers saying that they were disrespecting him.

Even though the officers told Simpson numerous times that he needed to leave the premises to avoid
potential arrest, Simpson refused to comply and was promptly taken into custody.

The councilor will be charged with disorderly conduct and interfering with law enforcement.

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