New Form of Information Sharing

Posted on November 13, 2011



If you’re like me, you have seen funny little black and white symbols just about everywhere lately, from magazines, to menus, to posters, and even on TV shows. So what exactly are they?

They are QR (Quick Response) Codes. Information is encoded within each code and can be a website URL, text, or another type of data. To access this data all you need to do is install a barcode reader app on your phone and take a picture of the code within the app. As soon as the code is scanned you are taken directly to the information that’s been encoded.

Many businesses are beginning to use QR codes to direct you to their website so you can learn more about them and access more content. One such business on campus that has made use of the QR code is the Career Development Center.

“We found that using a QR code would allow students to instantly access our information from their smart phone or QR code reading device, and we really wanted them to be walking to class or walking to their jobs and be able to just really quickly scan, get the information they need, and keep on going,” said Anne Rowland, Career Ambassador.

These QR codes are just one more way for smart phone technology to be incorporated in our daily lives.

Scan the image above with your smart phone to learn more about QR Codes.