Food Day Exposes Unhealthy Diets

Posted on October 21, 2011


What’s Up Weekly

October 24 marks the date for the first annual Food Day, an effort meant to bring Americans together to push for healthy and affordable food.

In anticipation of the day, one organization has released a list of foods it calls “The Terrible Ten,” in which the ten worst aspects of America’s food scene are ranked.

Coca-Cola is number one on the list. The organization calls the popular soda “liquid candy,” thanks to its nine teaspoons of sugar per can. McDonald’s double quarter pounder with cheese, coke and fries meal is second. Third is salt feedlot beef. Kellogg’s Fruit Loops round off the top five.

The Center for Science in the Public Interests believes these aspects of the American diet highlight some of the biggest threats to a healthy food system.

(Featured Image Courtesy of Fresh Squeezed Daily.)

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