NBC News Twitter Hacked, Reports Attack on Ground Zero

Posted on September 14, 2011


What’s Up Weekly

With the anniversary of 9/11 this past weekend, people were anticipating some type of mischievous behavior or attack, but were surprised when the twitterverse was the target.

On Friday, NBC News’s Twitter was hacked and falsely tweeted about an attack at Ground Zero. The tweet stated it was breaking news and even gave a flight number that crashed. It went on to report that it was not a joke and that reporters were heading to the scene.

The next tweet quickly reassured their followers that the account had been hacked by a group that identifies themselves as The Script Kiddies. This group was also responsible for the hacking of the foxnewspolitics account this past July. The FBI is now investigating the case and has not released any more information at this time.

(Feature Image Courtesy of CNET News)

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