The 9/11 Generation

Posted on September 11, 2011



Generation Z, which includes college students, is often called the 9/11 Generation, the generation most effected by the worst terrorist attack in American history. It has been part of our education and consciousness throughout the formative years of our lives. Now, 10 years after the attack, many are questioning what this milestone means to us. David Rhode of Reuters said, “By any measure, the 9/11 generation is the greatest generation that can now innovate American society back to prosperity.” A 2009 survey by the Center for American progress found that most people in Generation Z find September 11 to be “the most important influence shaping the attitudes and beliefs of their generation.” Eleni Towns, a Freshman in High School at the time of the attack, remembers the day that changed everything, “Across the country young people were in school when the attacks happened—some in elementary school, others in high school or college—and 9/11 literally became part of our education.”

IU is hosting a commemoration ceremony tonight at 5pm in the Auditorium that is open to the public. More 9/11 related events are listed below.

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Ten Years Later: The 9/11 Commissioners Reflect, Thursday September 15, 2-4pm, IU Auditorium

Televised National Ceremonies Gathering Places, Sunday September 11, 8am-Noon; Hutton Honors College, Kelley School of Business, Collins LLC, Wilkie Auditorium

National Day of Service and Remembrance, Sunday September 11

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