IU Ranked Third “Hottest” School

Posted on September 11, 2011



IU was recently ranked the third “hottest” university in regards to high admissions standards and campus-wide progress.

Garnering a fair amount of buzz around campus, the accolade raised questions regarding the reason for its award and the future for IU.

“We’ve done some pretty direct target marketing [and] a lot of outreach,” said Director of Admissions Mary Ellen Anderson. “We have a really personal touch in the admissions process. We talk to applicants, visit high schools, and build relationships with counselors. I think IU has garnered a lot of attention lately.”

Students had insight into the award as well.

“I went to high school in St. Louis, Missouri and so my in-state option would have been Mizzou,” said student Ian Ermatinger-Salas, who turned down offers to private and Ivy League colleges to come to IU.

“Indiana University is a research institution that offers a great deal of institutional aid and support to its students,” said Ermatinger-Salas. “Much more than the small Catholic school of Xavier or the large Ivy that is the University of Pennsylvania.”

“Everything is looking very strong and I don’t see that that is going to change,” said Director Anderson. “I think we will see Indiana as a university look at what’s offered, look at majors, look at schools and programs and really think about what is going to be most important as we move into the ten or twenty or thirty years.”

Whether they come for the top notch study or scholarship programs, one fact remains certain: students will continue to choose IU for what has the makings to be another decade of progress.

(Featured Image Courtesy of mcnair.indiana.edu)

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