Efforts to Increase Diversity on Campus

Posted on September 2, 2011



In 2006 the IU Board of Trustees agreed to a diversity plan that would double the number of underrepresented minority students by the 2014 school year.

With 2014 fast approaching, organizations like the Hudson and Holland Scholars Program are doing what they can to meet this goal. Part of this effort includes recruiting quality students and being part of a support system for them once they arrive on campus.

“These are students who are coming here with the tools to be successful. They meet every criteria to get into this university. The only thing we’re doing is helping them to discover themselves, helping them to understand that as part of America, you’re a minority. You’re underrepresented wherever you may be, wherever you may work, but the fact is, you have a lot to add. You have a lot to bring to the table,” Anthony Scott, Interim Director of the Program, said about their initiatives.

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