Don’t Call It a Comeback: Marine Life Reemerges and Thrives in a Small Town

Posted on August 19, 2011



A town in Baja California located in Mexico has proven that with dedicated community efforts toward conservation, marine life can make a miraculous recovery.

In just 10 years, the total marine biomass in Cabo Pulma has increased by 460 percent! One of the most important factors that helped restore this wildlife is the protection of spawn areas for large predators like sharks.

In addition to protecting the predators, the town has simply began enforcing fishing restrictions due to major over-fishing that had previously gone on.

The authors that published the research for this area were amazed at how quickly an area in such a rundown state before could recover so quickly and miraculously. The researchers compared the recovery in Cabo Pulma to areas around the world that had never even been fished by humans.

Enric Sala, one of the researchers, mentioned how before this effort had begun, there had only been medium-sized fish, now it was filled with “large parrotfish, groupers, snappers, and even sharks.” Not only has this effort increased marine life, this town is also benefiting from an increase in economy due to eco-tourism businesses starting up around this area.

There is hope that because of Cabo Pulma’s extraordinary recovery in marine life and economy, other towns will follow their example and help themselves out while helping the Earth.

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