London Riots Become Mere Acts of Violence

Posted on August 10, 2011



The third day of the London riots is underway.

Up to this point, at least 520 people have been arrested, and the riots do not seem to be diminishing. British Prime Minister, David Cameron, has had enough and is going to “do everything necessary” to cease the riots. This includes deploying 16,000 police officers on Tuesday – double the amount London had on Monday.

The cause of the riots was the police shooting that killed 29-year old Mark Duggan. It started out as a peaceful protest, but quickly snowballed into uncontrollable violence, thievery and arson that police are now struggling to keep in check. Photos of the riots have been rapidly traveling the world. They show people looting stores, cars and buildings on fire and tussles between police officers and rioters.

It seems as though the rioting has evolved from an uprising for a cause to an excuse to loot and cause other damage. Others believe that in addition to Duggan’s death, government spending cuts have driven unemployed and disadvantaged youth to commit acts of violence.

(Featured Image Courtesy of Aljazeera.)

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