Dead Man Waking: Almost Buried Alive

Posted on July 25, 2011



A man in South Africa rose from the dead over the weekend after it was believed that he suffered a fatal asthma attack.

The man was in a morgue refrigerator for 21 hours before finally waking up and yelling for help.

A driver from the morgue was sent to the man’s house to take him to the morgue. When the driver arrived, he examined the body by checking the pulse and looking for a heartbeat and then concluded that he was in fact dead.

However, 21 hours later, morgue employees heard the “deceased” man yelling for help and initially thought it was a ghost before calling for police.

When the police arrived, the morgue owner, Ayanda Maqolo, police officers, and the employees all entered the morgue together to investigate. After finding the man and taking him out of the fridge, he was found to be pale and asking how he had gotten there.

The man’s family was informed that he was still alive during a family meeting that had been arranged to plan his funeral.

After his nightmare ordeal, the man was understandably suffering from nightmares, but said he was feeling much better the next day.

(Image Courtesy of Huffington Post)

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