What’s Next for Daytime Without the Queen?

Posted on July 11, 2011



Now that Oprah’s 25 year reign as the Queen of Daytime has ended, many loyal viewers are still wondering what’s next.

There are a lot of upcoming changes in Daytime. Not only is the Oprah show off the air, but many major soap operas that have been on the air for decades will end this year. ABC’s All My Children and One Life to Live are set to air their last episodes this fall.

So where will viewers turn? Some have speculated that Ellen Degeneres, Katie Couric, or Rachael Ray will don the title of Queen now, but the current ratings may surprise you. Not a queen, but a King has emerged.

King may be a strong title, but after 13 seasons of hosting his own show, Maury Povich has finally emerged as the leader of daytime. The audience Oprah appeals to and the one Povich appeals to are very different, with likely little overlap, but with Oprah “out of the way,” his ratings finally made him number one.

Courtesy of Getty Images

Povich was asked who he believed could be the next television personality that had an influence as impactful as Oprah’s and he picked Katie Couric. He believes Couric could retain that position due to her already large audience of women and her ability to tell stories.

Because he is best known for the on-screen paternity test, Maury isn’t as credible as a journalist as Oprah is, but a lot can be said for his marketing skills. His show has been on for more than a decade and he is now the most watched talk show in daytime.

With soaps dwindling and Oprah on her OWN channel, the future of daytime is definitely unclear, but there are plans to introduce reality shows and more cooking shows. Reality shows running 24/7? That’s exactly what America needs.

(Featured Image Courtesy of People Magazine)