The Biebs Fails as a Cover Model

Posted on July 6, 2011



Our favorite pop icon Justin Bieber can actually say never now.

And never did we think the one and only Biebs could fail at something, but it seems he may never make it as a valuable Vanity Fair cover model.

The glossy magazine cover sported the teen sensation with red lipstick down his neck and a hand pulling his tie, but the sex appeal must be lacking because the hearthrob’s magazine is about to be the worse selling issue Vanity Fair magazine has seen in 12 years!


According to the Bieber cover only sold 246,000 copies this month, which would be considered a low number for such a popular magazine. Biebs doesn’t stand alone in Vanity Fair’s Hall of Shame, he now joins Will Smith and Harrison Ford for their low record number sells.

So what is the equation for disaster?

Maybe the millions of ten-year-old girl fans he has didn’t have the money to buy the magazine, or probably didn’t even know to look for it amongst their normal Seventeen and Teen Vogue picks. Whatever the reason, we can assure you Justin’s career isn’t spiraling downhill, but rather simply bad targeting of audiences for Vanity Fair readers.

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