Plastic Bags Banned in Los Angeles

Posted on July 6, 2011



Paper or plastic? In parts of Los Angeles, CA, stores no longer have to ask their shoppers this question.

Grocery, drug and convenience stores in LA’s unincorporated cities stopped offering plastic bags as of July 1st. Shoppers now have the option of paying 10 cents per paper bag or utilizing their own reusable grocery bags at no charge.

In November 2010, the Los Angeles County board of supervisors agreed to ban the use of plastic bag in the hopes that they would help alleviate pollution along with the environmental impact of producing the bags.

With the passing of this ordinance, LA county will be the largest municipality in the state of California to ban plastic bags. Over 1.1 million people will be affected.

However, the idea of forgoing plastic for reusable bags is not exactly new. San Francisco, CA became the first major city in 2007 to ban plastic bags. Since then, it has become a global movement spreading as far as France and Bangladesh.

Opponents of the LA county ordinance say that some cannot afford the extra charges for paper bags or reusable cloth bags.

Although shoppers are now going to have to sacrifice a little bit of convenience and cost when shopping, it should not be long before bringing cloth bags to the grocery store becomes second nature. The fact that plastic bags are made with non-renewable sources of energy, combined with their potential to harm wild animals, makes their forbiddance a crucial step forward in the global conservation movement.

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