No Frills in the House on the 4th of July

Posted on July 4, 2011



What occupied Congress over the Fourth of July weekend? Not the usual. The U.S. House of Representatives is making big changes.

House leaders swore off traditional “symbolic bills.” This is quite a difference from last year when they approved Resolution 1429, confirming, “the United States Flag is universally honored” and Resolution 1409, affirming the Bald Eagle as “an inspiring symbol.”

The purpose of those bills, and bills like them, is to “commemorate, congratulate or celebrate,” according to The Washington Post. They don’t contain much legislative substance.

Last year the legislative body passed around 250 symbolic bills, but the Post reported that Republican leaders in the House are now trying to cut down on them in order to focus on what they say is real work.

Opponents continue to argue the importance of such celebration and the need for some legislative activity in a divided and slow moving House.

This year Americans may not know the House’s stance on the Bald Eagle or America’s hard-working mothers; however, Americans nationwide can count on further debate and division.

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