Even Heartbreak Can’t Slow Money Machine Hugh Hefner

Posted on June 22, 2011



Hugh Hefner may have gotten dumped days before his wedding to 25-year-old Crystal Harris, but it looks like the Playboy founder will still be profiting from the heartbreak (as if he needs any more money).
Lifetime Network originally had planned to air a two-hour special,
“Marrying Hef”, on July 13th, but after Crystal ran out, the network had to go to Plan B.  Lifetime will now be focusing the special on a “runaway bride” theme.
Surprisingly enough, it was Hef’s idea to continue with the wedding special. He shared information about the show on his Twitter account confirming that it will still air in July.  

So what will the show consist of?  We do know that it has celebrity appearances from Kendra Wilkinson and Holly Madison because they just happened to be at the mansion offering condolences the same day Lifetime was taping – coincidence…right? 

We can also assume it will not show Hugh bashing on Crystal; he has too much class to publicly do that.  But rumors are circulating that he already has a new #1 girlfriend.  Can you guess who it is?  None other than Crystal’s best friend, Anna Sophia Berglund, whom a source told E! News he was “boning” the entire time he was engaged to Crystal.  

Only in an engagement to Hugh Hefner would that kind of behavior be tolerated.

The exact airing date of the “runaway theme” special on Lifetime has not been released but with all of the drama circulating the mansion lately, we promise it will be something you will not want to miss! 

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