Syrian President al-Assad’s Speech Not Well-Received by Protestors

Posted on June 20, 2011



Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad seemed as out of touch as ever during his speech to the nation on state TV today.

This is his third public address since uprisings began in March of this year. Instead of conceding that his people are unhappy with his regime and attempting to make real changes, he continues to blame the unrest on a foreign conspiracy and outside terrorist organizations.

Although he has spoken of reforms and a new parliament, protestors and reformers are not buying it.

“Reforms are promised, but the tanks are not being pulled out and the protests are being suppressed as violently as ever. What’s the point of reforms, when nothing changes on the ground?” one activist told Reuters after the speech.

The only clear concession he made was asking the justice department to expand the scope of the amnesty law.

Protestors told Reuters that this speech changes nothing and that their “revolution” will continue.

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