Al-Zawahri Officially Named as bin Laden Successor

Posted on June 17, 2011



It appears the future of Al Qaeda and terrorism is rather unstable. Thursday’s announcement of Osama bin Laden’s successor, Ayman al-Zawahri, has left American counterterrorism officials feeling even more optimistic after bin Laden’s death.

Officials believe al-Zawahri’s leadership flaws will weaken the entirety of the world’s leading terrorist network. Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates believes bin Laden was more “operationally engaged” than al-Zawahri, who has a limited focus and less appeal to other countries due to his Egyptian roots.

It took the terrorist organization almost seven weeks to name a successor, and The New York Times reported that Gates and counterterrorism officials find this and al-Zawahri’s lack of charisma telling.

The NY Times reported that “independent specialists largely agree that Mr. Zawahri is not an inspiring model for young militants, noting his lack of combat experience, his long history of ideological squabbles, and his abrasive manner and pedantic speeches.”

The future of the organization continues to remain unsure.

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