“Gay Girl in Damascus” Is Not Real

Posted on June 15, 2011



The Gay Girl in Damascus Blog is a fake. The blog was actually written and operated by an American man living in Scotland.

40 year old Tom MacMaster said he created the blog and false identity to bring attention to the plight of real Arabs fighting for freedom.

He apologized Monday on the blog site and said he never meant to hurt anyone.

Real Syrian members of the GLBT community are angry and said he endangered the lives of real people by posing as Amina Arraf.

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“Gay Girl in Damascus” Author Kidnapped at Gunpoint


Lesbian blogger Amina Arraf was abducted in Damascus Monday evening.

Courtesy Google Maps

The Syrian blog, “A Gay Girl in Damascus,” posted open criticism of the Syrian government’s response to recent uprisings against President Bashar al-Assad. Arraf, who holds dual American and Syrian citizenship, also freely posted a declaration of her homosexuality, which is illegal in Syria although unofficially tolerated.

Courtesy of A Gay Girl in Damscus, Blogspot

According to Arraf’s cousin, Rania Ismail, the 35-year-old and her friend were on their way to meet two members of the Syrian opposition group, the Local Coordination Committee, at 6 pm local time. Three armed men dragged Arraf to a car and drove away. The men are suspected members of the security services or the Baath Party militia and are thought to be forcibly deporting Arraf.

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Arraf recently blogged about frequent attempts to abduct her. On one occasion, her father prevented security guards from arresting Arraf, but they soon came back for her. She has been jumping from apartment to apartment since then, hoping to escape her abductors, but the abductors found new ways to get to her.

A fake message from someone posing to be Arraf’s partner, Sandra Bagaria, invited her to meet up at a Damascus hotel.

Bagaria, who met Arraf in January, was in contact with her just an hour before the abduction took place and has not heard from her since.

Courtesy of Al Jazeera

Online campaigns such as the Facebook page, “Free Amina,” are petitioning for the release of the blogger, whose last post before her abduction read,

“Soaring and flying

Freedom is coming

Here am I wanting

To know it one day.”

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