Never Trust a Pretty Girl with an Ugly Secret

Posted on June 13, 2011



The secret is out…ABC Family’s hit television show Pretty Little Liars is back for it’s Season Two Premiere Tuesday night.

If you missed the bandwagon for this hit series, we suggest you jump on now! Pretty Little Liars is filled with drama that builds suspense with each scene. The show is based off a novel detailing how a clique of four girls falls apart after their queen bee member goes missing. The series picks up a year later when the remaining girls rekindle their friendship and try to put together the puzzle pieces to discover who the “A” is that is trying to expose their dirty little secrets.

In honor of the season two premiere we have decided to release three spoilers from to get your adrenaline running for tomorrow night:

1. No one believes the girls’ theory on Ian being connected to Allison’s disappearance but one person (besides their parents who kind of have to be on their side) and it’s someone who worked against them in season one.

2. Caleb and Hanna are reunited. We are not necessarily saying they are reunited as a couple…but Caleb does come back in town and Hanna and him have a HUGE scene together that will leave it up to you as to whether or not you want to see Haleb together again.

3. The most threatening text of all that the girls receive does not come from “A”…we cannot say who it is from, so it looks like you’ll have to tune in tomorrow night at 8:00 PM to find out!

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