Police Find Missing Elderly After 30 Hours

Posted on June 10, 2011



The police of Clarendon County were fortunate enough to find Jessie W. Carter, 79 years old, after he had been missing for over 30 hours.


The victim was taken to the hospital after he was pulled out of a South Carolina swamp near Highway 260, south of Manning. He was seen by a SLED helicopter, which managed to radio in his whereabouts to the EMS crews.

Carter suffers from dementia and said he didn’t remember how he got to the swamp. He had been missing since early Wednesday morning, around 4:30 am. Search crews kept their hopes up until 2 a.m on Thursday and were expected to resume in the morning.

Carters wife, Linda, had her prayers answered at noon on Thursday when she was informed of her husband’s re-appearance. She said, “The only word I can say, and Lord forgive me, it’s been like hell.”

The Clarendon police suspect that Carter went through a small wooded area and subdivision before ending up in the swamp.

Regardless of Carters aversion to outdoors and nature, he only managed minor injuries of ant bites and sunburn.

Linda expected the love of her life, her husband Jessie, would be gone forever after his caretaker told her he was missing Wednesday morning. “Anytime I get a call like that, I’m gonna panic,” she said.

“There are no words to describe how thankful I feel” she said.

With the dedication of the residents and police department of Clarendon County, Jessie Carter was on his way home.

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