Palin’s Gubernatorial Emails Released

Posted on June 10, 2011



The Twitterverse began buzzing about the release of Sarah Palin’s emails for roughly two hours, starting around 1:00 P.M. on Friday.

Since then, various news outlets and their readers have been combing through the emails sent to and from Palin during her time as governor to see if anything “newsworthy” can be found. In fact, many outlets like the Huffington Post and TIME, are posting the documents to their sites, explicitly asking their readers to comb through.

The emails were released due to a Freedom of Information Act request filed soon after Palin was tapped as Senator John McCains’ vice presidential candidate. It includes 24,199 files from her first two years as governor, ending when the FOIA request was received in September.

However, for those looking for scandalous and embarrassing revelations, that may prove a more arduous task.

Along with her official state-provided email address, Palin used two personal accounts to conduct business which made it difficult for authorities to locate all the appropriate information. Not to mention, with the use of a personal account that could be accessed after the request was filed, it is possible that Palin would have already deleted any damaging material.

The Associated Press has reported that “another 2,275 pages are being withheld for reasons including attorney-client, work product or executive privilege; an additional 140 pages were deemed to be ‘non-records,’ or unrelated to state business.”

Even the 24,199 files that were released are rife with white boxes containing the words, “Privileged or Personal Materials Redacted” to cover text.

According to the LA Times, these boxes of white amount to roughly 2,200 pages of material stripped from the released material.

Palin’s own political action committee treasurer, Tim Crawford released the following statement, “The thousands upon thousands of emails released today show a very engaged Gov. Sarah Palin being the CEO of her state. The emails detail a governor hard at work. Everyone should read them.”

Each news outlet was given six boxes of documents to scan and most are posting them to their websites as they are finished.

According to the LA Times, their paper and owning company submitted a public-records request this spring for all emails Palin sent after September 2008. They have yet to receive a response from the state which is not only in non-compliance with FOIA response laws, but could also demonstrate a reluctance on the state’s part to devote more resources to another search of this magnitude and complexity.

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