Hope Lingers After One Week, IU Student Still Missing

Posted on June 10, 2011



It has been over a week since Indiana University sophomore Lauren Spierer disappeared on her walk back home at 4:30 A.M. after a night out. Since then, hundreds have gathered in Bloomington each day and braved humidity and heat to search for the missing co-ed and her case has garnered national attention.

Celebrities ranging from Ryan Seacrest to Kourtney Kardashian have tweeted Spierer’s picture and information, while national news networks continue to keep Americans informed about the latest developments in her case.

This afternoon, a group of Spierer’s friends started “Lunch for Lauren,” a campaign which encourages people to take 10-15 minutes out of their lunch hour to search their surroundings for Spierer.

The Bloomington Police Department has remained relatively quiet on any leads or what they believe could have happened to Spierer. However, they have noted that while there are about 10 or so persons of interest involved in the case, there are no prime suspects as of now.

The BPD also confirmed in a press conference this morning that they are strongly optimistic that Lauren is still alive. The search was initially limited to areas within the confines of Bloomington, but the BPD said they will gradually expand to places outside Bloomington city limits.

Although clues and information surrounding the case are scarce, Spierer’s parents and family continue the search for her and are now offering a reward of $145,000 for any information that leads to her safe return.

Spierer will be featured on “America’s Most Wanted” tomorrow night in order to continue generating national interest in her case. The FBI will set up a tip hotline for anyone who has any new information following the broadcast.

Optimism continues to be the backbone and driving force of the nationwide campaign to bring Lauren home.

“We’re not losing hope. We certainly want to bring her home alive,” said Lt. Bill Parker of the BPD.

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