European E. Coli Update

Posted on June 10, 2011



The cause of the worst outbreak of the E. coli infections in history has finally been identified.


Bean sprouts have been sited as the source of the deadly outbreak that has claimed the lives of 30 people, according to German officials.

A reported 3,000 additional cases of the illness have been identified throughout Europe, sending many sufferers to intensive care units. The virus often causes fatal kidney failure in patients who develop hemolytic uremic syndrome.

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The sprouts, grown on an organic farm south of Hamburg, Germany, have been tested and positively identified as the source of the outbreak after health officials examined 112 people, according to TIME Magazine.

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A group of 19 people were infected during a group visit to a restaurant, and German health officials examined recipes, spoke to chefs, and even photographed various dishes to identify the sprouts as the issue.

The Robert Koch Institute, Germany’s national disease and control center, reported that 72% of the cases are originating from Northern Germany, and officials are still searching for solutions.

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