Rare Tornadoes Devastate Massachusetts

Posted on June 3, 2011



Adding to the recent string of natural disasters around the United States, a series of tornadoes hit Western and Central Massachusetts Wednesday.

At least three people are dead and more that 200 are injured in the calamity that destroyed buildings, flipped vehicles, and shocked residents throughout the Northeast and the country.

What made the storms so devastating is the fact that tornadoes are rare in Massachusetts and residents weren’t well prepared. This is the first storm system like this in decades according to locals.

Three tornadoes touched down in Springfield, Mass. and police officials are going door to door to check on residents, according to The New York Times.

About 1,000 Massachusetts National Guardsmen have been dispatched to deal with general clean up and to aid those affected by the twisters, according to state Governor Deval Patrick. The area is under a declared state of emergency.

About nineteen Massachusetts communities have been affected by this bout of rough weather, according to ABC News.

In a statement to the public, Mr. Patrick said, “We are hoping and praying and working as hard as possible to keep the fatalities limited.”

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