Best Non-Campaign Campaign Ever?

Posted on June 1, 2011



Looks like a campaign, sounds like a campaign, travels the country drumming up support like a campaign, but it’s not. Must be a duck.


Sarah Palin’s controversial bus tour around the country continues this week, snagging attention from other GOP hopefuls like Tim Pawlenty and Newt Gingrich.


Palin maintains that she is simply traveling the country with her family to visit important historical sites. Skeptics argue that it is just a shrouded campaign tour to gauge support for a presidential run and build a base.


By calling it a family vacation, she gets to keep her comfy job at Fox News, avoid committing to the race, and prolong unregulated fundraising.

Opponents are upset because they say she is stealing attention from serious candidates and don’t believe she will actually run. Some argue that she is just using this as a publicity stunt to further her career.


Opposition on the other side believes she will run, but is waiting as late as possible to declare so she can continue to raise funds but avoid constraints placed on official candidates.

With her name recognition, she can afford to wait much longer than other GOP hopefuls to officially enter the race.


Although some say she is too far to the extreme right to ever win a general election, others point to her strong fan base and tea party supporters and believe she could be a real contender.


She has not published her itinerary because she said she wants to avoid the “lame-stream” media, but there are stops scheduled in New Hampshire and Iowa, both key states in the GOP primary.

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