More Deadly Twisters in MO, OK

Posted on May 25, 2011



At least 4 more people were killed after a series of deadly tornadoes and storms raged through Oklahoma the evening of Tues., May 24, according to CNN.

​The tornado was sighted in suburbs and cities surrounding Oklahoma City, leaving a trail of devastation in its wake.

It is now headed towards Joplin, MO, which was already hit hard on Sunday by the single deadliest U.S. tornado recorded in 61 years. That twister received a 5 on the Enhanced Fujita (EF) Scale– the highest rating that a tornado can receive.

It had top winds of more than 200 mph, according to the National Weather Service.

124 people were injured and over 750 hospitalized, but the death toll is still expected to climb as search parties continue to dig through the rubble.
​However, the deadly chaos does not stop there.

​More storms, and possibly tornadoes, are expected in “high-risk” areas including southern Kansas, most of Oklahoma, and parts of Texas.

Moderate-risk areas include Dallas, TX; Kansas City, MO; Springfield, MO; and Joplin, MO.

​Several airlines are taking precautionary measures in anticipation of severe storms.

​American Airlines canceled 126 arriving and departing flights at the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport in preparation for the upcoming storms. The Will Rogers World Airport in Oklahoma City was put on suspended status Tuesday afternoon.

​President Obama, who is currently in London, plans to visit Joplin on Sunday to give hope and sympathy to families and individuals who have lost homes and livelihoods to the lethal twister. He announced that he will use federal resources to “recover and rebuild” the city of Joplin, according to Fox News.

​Meanwhile, residents of high-risk areas should stay wary of any approaching storms.

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