Shopping on a Budget

Posted on May 5, 2011



With the price of everything constantly increasing, here are some helpful, money-saving tips when grocery shopping.

1. Stick to Your Budget:
Although college students aren’t the best at budgeting, ensure there is enough money for Two Dollar Tuesdays as well as grocery spendings.

2. Buy from the Flyer:
Plan your meals around the sales rather than decide what to have for dinner and shop for it.

3. Stock Up:
Buy non-perishable sale items in bulk. These types of food will not go bad if not eaten immediately and will be cheaper than buying it at full price later on.

4. Plan Your Meals:
One of the main reasons that people stop in at McDonald’s is that they have no idea what to make for dinner. Plan meals in advance so prep work can be done ahead of time, making dinner easier to make when it comes time to actually eat. This will also promote a healthier lifestyle by preventing those go-to fast food dinners.

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