Bin Laden’s Death Breaks Twitter Records

Posted on May 2, 2011



While the major news networks, newspapers and news magazines had their hands tied by presidential niceties, unable to report on what they already knew, Twitter was abuzz.

News first broke, as it has in many recent events, via Twitter at 7:25pm. Americans patiently awaited confirmation from the 24 hour news networks and top newspapers such as the New York Times and the Washington Post.

When the confirmation came, the floodgates opened on Twitter and Facebook. According to Twitter, more than 4,000 tweets per second were being sent at the beginning and end of President Obama’s speech.

Although 4,000 TPS was not enough to break the 7,000 TPS record Japanese tweeters made on New Year’s Eve 2010, Twitter also stated that Tweeters on Sunday achieved the highest sustained rate of tweets. There were an average of 3,000 tweets per second for almost four hours, from 10:45 p.m. to 2:20 a.m.

Also tracked by our HNS Social Media team was a Twitter account called “Ghost Osama”, which was started Sunday night and gained over fifteen thousand followers in less than two hours.

See Erin Carson’s for more information about what the implications of this event could be when the tweets die down.

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