Is Apple Tracking Your Movements?

Posted on April 29, 2011



In Apple news, there is more controversy stewing over everybody’s-favorite-smartphone, the iPhone. Last week, security researchers voiced privacy concerns that iPhones store location data.

The assumption surfaced after researchers said they had evidence proving that Apple collected location data. After a week of gossip about the situation, Apple finally came out with a comment.

The company stated that they are not tracking locations on their mobile devices, never have, and never plan on doing so in the future.

Apple explained the confusion is with the wifi database. The iphone tracks wifi hotspots and cell towers nearby users’ current location. That information is then stored on the phone to allow the phone to determine its location quickly when owners use the navigation services.

Apple stressed that this data is in no way tracking customers, and to alleviate users’ concerns, the company will release a software update that will reduce the amount of location data stored on the phone within the coming weeks.


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