President Obama Releases Long-Form Birth Certificate

Posted on April 27, 2011



It’s official– President Obama is an American, after all.

The speculation over whether or not our president was born in the United States has been campaign fodder since the 2008 election season, but in recent months the issue became part of the national conversation when potential presidential candidate Donald Trump began stirring the pot.

Finally, the White House was ready to end what President Obama called, “a sideshow.”

Obama asked his lawyers to persuade the Hawaii Department of Health to flex their rules so that they could release his long-form birth certificate.

Ordinarily, Hawaii only releases the short-form, which Obama released before the 2008 campaign. It is the only birth certificate Hawaii currently recognizes.

As some speculated, the release of the long-form birth certificate did not silence the die-hard “birther” critics.

The same day of the release, conspiracy theory websites began claiming the certificate was photoshopped and edited.

I suppose we will have to follow Michelle Bachman’s lead and take President Obama at his word, or at his sealed and certified long-form birth certificate.

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