The Pacers Avoid a Shutout by the Bulls

Posted on April 25, 2011



With the large number of students here at IU from Chicagoland and the Indianapolis area, it seems that almost everyone has some stake in this year’s first round series of the NBA playoffs between the Bulls & The Pacers.

From tip off of Game One, the underdog Pacers controlled the game, until a fourth quarter comeback by the determined Bulls, who ended up winning at home.

Monday night, game two looked to be going the Pacers way as well, but with the help of Derrik Rose, who earned 36 points, and Kyle Korver, who made a huge 3-pointer in the last 4 minutes, the Bulls made it a 2-0 series.

Thursday night, the Bulls kept up the momentum and gained their third straight win. The series seemed to be over.

Finally, the Pacers were able to snag a win on Sunday and ensure a fifth game.

On Tuesday the showdown will continue.

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