Mayoral Candidates Debate the Location of Bloomington Hospital

Posted on April 25, 2011



One of the most important hot-button issues during Bloomington’s mayoral debate has been the location of the IU Health Bloomington Hospital.

Both candidates, incumbent Democrat Mark Kruzan and Democratic candidate John Hamilton, agree that the hospital should stay within the city limits, but their strategies to encourage that differ.

The Hospital wants to move to a location that is less accessible than its current location because it will have more room to expand, but opponents reject this plan because of what it could mean for the city.

“(The hospital) is a very important asset to the city,” Hamilton said. “It is the second largest employer in the city, (creating) 2,500 jobs. It will be the most anti-sustainable move we see in the city in many years to have the hospital moved.”

Kruzan outlined the steps he has taken to prevent the move.

“I actually stopped a sewer extension from going out to the land (at North Park) for the (proposed) hospital,” Kruzan said. “You can’t be more proactive while trying to stop an anti-sustainable action from being taken.”

Hamilton said that he will work very hard to keep the hospital downtown.

“I will create a plan for the hospital to be able to invest new money, build a new hospital, and create a new health center that will create significant new opportunities downtown,” Hamilton said.

Kruzan countered, “I have been running for mayor for 180 days, and I am still looking for your three plans. So I’m hoping in your minimal rebut you can talk about, not the lack of the other guy’s plan, but what is your plan.”

No matter who wins the May 3 primary, there is agreement that the hospital should remain downtown.

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