Little 50 Race Expands and Strengthens the Tradition of Little 5

Posted on April 20, 2011



Although for many Little 5 is a weeklong celebration, the actual races kicked off on Thursday with the Men and Women’s Little 50 at the Billy Hayes Track. Nine years ago the IU Student Foundation (IUSF) created the Little 50 race as a way for runners to become part of the tradition of the Little 500.

Similar to the Little 500, the Little 50 is a 4-person relay race that requires stamina, dedication, training, and teamwork.

“Running is just as competitive as bike racing and I know this from being a runner. It’s just a wonderful time to come out and support students that give a large part of their time and their effort just to do something they really enjoy doing. As a student body, and as IU, we should come out and support our other students,” Alex Girvin said, an IU student who attended the race.

Little 50 is a way for IUSF to open up the Little 500 to more student participants and fans.

“Little 50 is essentially the official start of Little 5 week. It’s a fast paced race [of] 50 laps. There are 4 runners per team and they usually alternate laps, so it’s essentially a continuous 4×4,” Brendan Kelly said, a member of the IUSF Steering Committee.

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