Despite Rain, Cold, Little 5 Men’s Race Brings Intensity

Posted on April 20, 2011



Light rain early Saturday afternoon made the cinder track of Bill Armstrong Stadium muddy and a little bit slippery for the Little 500 Men’s Race, but once the race started, the wetness and chilly temperatures couldn’t hinder the determined riders.

Hundreds of days of training and conditioning readied riders for the rain, fatigue, transitions, and crashes they faced. The race was won with a mixture of individual skill, teamwork, strategy, and of course, the cheers from the fans.

Overcoming the fierce competition, Cutters gained their fifth straight win, trailed by Phi Delta Theta and Sigma Chi by less than 10 seconds.

For spectators, winning wasn’t determined by the scoreboard, but by the fun and excitement of the race they were treated to.

“(It’s great) just seeing all the activities, all the energy,” Sarah Schuman said, a student volunteer from the IU Student Foundation who organized the event. “Obviously it’s really cold out here, but everybody is bringing their team spirit.”

Tim Watkins, a Hoosier parent, had never been to the race before and said he enjoyed the atmosphere.

“It’s amazing to just watch the athleticism of the guys,” Watkins said, “The competition, the sportsmanship. I mean, you know, the guys go down and they all help each other out. You can watch them pushing each other. It’s just an amazing event.

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