Even with New Crosswalks, Pedestrians Are Still in Danger

Posted on April 15, 2011



Even with newly installed crosswalks around campus, students choose to cross the street nearly anywhere, and without looking. Provost and Executive Vice President Karen Hanson said she has experienced pedestrians failing to yield to oncoming traffic.

“Just about every day. Just about every day. I mean, part of it is we’re on the campus all day, often distracted with other thoughts. I mean people are going to classes, people are thinking about what their lecture might be if they’re faculty, they’re thinking about their last meeting they had, they’re thinking about friends,” Provost Hanson said.

In addition to not looking before crossing, students are also failing to use the designated crosswalks around campus.

Although crosswalks have been installed on some of the more busy roads across campus, students have continually been failing to use them. In a five minute observation period, on Fee Lane, a handful of students failed to use the crosswalk despite being within walking distance.

“People say, ‘I learned this kind of thing in first grade,’ but clearly, we still have problems,” Provost Hanson said.

The IU Student Association has also been working to raise awareness around campus.

“We’ve started the street-smart campaign. It’s to get information out there about safety laws, and to make students more aware of what’s going on, and how to follow traffic safety,” Michael Coleman said, Student Body President.

Hoosier News Source: Pedestrian Safety

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