New Boutique with Vintage Flair Opens on Kirkwood

Posted on April 14, 2011



A new boutique offering unique styles opened on kirkwood this week. Vintage Vogue carries a variety of trendy fashions, but you may be surprised where they come from.

Vintage Vogue gets their stock of over seven thousand articles of men’s and women’s clothing from donations by local people.

“They all come from donors throughout central Indiana, so they are all donations into the Goodwill network,” Cindy Graham said, the VP of Marketing for Goodwill Services in Indiana.

“We’re going to carry vintage pieces, pieces that have that vintage flair even if they’re modern, but then still have the vogue as well,” Carri Mullis said, the boutique manager.

In addition to vintage clothes, the boutique also carries accessories ranging from shoes, purses, and jewelry.

Being a part of the Goodwill industry, all profits go to helping people in Indiana.

“It’s a win win situation cause you get cool merchandise at a great price, and by doing that you are helping somebody else in central Indiana either extend their education so that they can become more self-sufficient or work in one of our stores or work at a job training program that leads to a better opportunity and a better life,” Graham said.

Knowing the money earned goes to a good cause some students are more apt to shop here.

“Education is the number one thing our country needs to be focusing on right now, and if they’re supporting that then I’m totally supporting that,” Joe Heath said, an Indiana University Freshman.

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