Ongoing research provides insight to food addiction

Posted on April 13, 2011



Addictions to alcohol, tobacco, and drugs are commonplace in our society. Now new research shows people can just as easily be addicted to eating.

This research comes from looking at people with addictive behaviors and studying their brain activity.

The research was done in a small study at Yale University where they were trying to determine how biology and psychology interact together in the condition of obesity.

Researchers looked at 39 women and created a food addiction score questionnaire. They asked the women about their behaviors and logged their responses to food and scored them as high or low.

They then hooked the participants up to an MRI to look at their brain activity. The researchers showed the subjects a series of healthy and unhealthy foods, and then studied which areas of their brain were activated.

They determined the same areas of the brain other addicts show stimulation in were activated, suggesting people really can be addicted to eating. The researchers commented this is still an ongoing study and that more information will be released as it becomes available.

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