IU Uses Japanese Oragami To Generate Hope

Posted on April 11, 2011



In Japan, the search for missing people continues, and the death toll rises. Millions have lost their homes and perhaps, temporarily, their identities. IU students have taken this opportunity to provide hope to the Japanese people.

A group of students in the McNutt Quad lobby took part in the old Japanese tradition of Oragami, under a bright banner that read, “300 Cranes for Japan.”

The Oragami tradition says that when an individual or a group of people fold a thousand paper cranes, a wish will come true.

Since the tsunami/quake on March 11, Japan has developed an enormous need for these inspiring symbols of hope.

The IU students reached their goal of completing 300 folded paper cranes with the help of volunteers throughout the day. The students are sending the cranes to Japan to join a larger collection.

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